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The client billing sample demonstrates how the Unified Communications Managed API v2.0 (UCMA) can be used to extend the functionality of Office Communications Server (OCS) for specific business scenarios, such as automating the billing of calls with clients at a services organization (in this example, a law firm). With UCMA, it is possible to build solutions that powerfully extend OCS with a small amount of simple and easily maintainable code.

This sample shows how a law firm could automate the billing of client calls. A company intranet site allows the lawyer to place calls to clients by clicking a call button beside the case that is the subject of the call. The server then initiates a call to the lawyer and a call to client, and bridges the two calls. When the call window appears in Office Communicator on the lawyer’s computer, a special section of the window shows notes on the client along with the call’s allocation to each of the client’s cases. The lawyer can adjust this allocation during the call by clicking buttons next to each case. The duration of the call and the case allocations are passed on to a billing component; the billing component records this information so that the calls can be billed appropriately to the client.

When the client calls the law firm, the same process occurs, except that the server initiates a new call to the lawyer and then bridges it with the incoming client call; the client is connected to the lawyer and the call duration is tracked.

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